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DSH Detective

The Best Tool in the Industry
PFC offers clients an in-house solution for preparing Medicaid eligible days logs for Medicare disproportionate share reimbursement.  The easy to use DSH Detective™ allows the user to quickly and methodically organize massive amounts of data from multiple sources.  100% accurate logs are the result of fastidious preparation of hospital data for submission to the state, and thorough analysis and application of the results.

Preparation of complete and accurate files for eligibility submission is supported by the following features:

  • Matches mothers and  newborns for newborn eligibility
  • Indentifies missing, incomplete or duplicate data
  • Indentifies multiple potential eligibility identifiers
  • Prepares submission file for State Title XIX eligibility verification
  • Indentifies dual eligible and potentially dual eligible patient day
  • Generates final logs for submission to the fiscal intermediary to support the DSH claim

State eligibility re-verification results files easily import into the DSH Detective™ software. The Software program produces reports that facilitate the analysis of stays with eligibility restricted to limited services, partially eligible stays and ineligible patients who were expected to be eligible. The management reports reveal eligibility by hospital designated financial class and provide an analysis of labor room days.

You can have amazingly precise DSH logs without having to rely on outside vendors.  The software features an easy-to-use interface that allows you to complete in minutes-even seconds-tasks that you may be accustomed to spending hours or days to complete.

DSH Detective™ generates final logs for submission to the fiscal intermediary to support the DSH claim for both acute care and, where appropriate, Rehabilitation (LIP) patients.  The toolkit is menu driven and follows a well thought out process designed by the best experts in the industry. DSH Detective™ logs are tailored to the specific requirements of your fiscal intermediary.

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