Medicare Disproportionate Share Reimbursement

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Thorough and Accurate
Even with the most diligent efforts, it’s easy to miss eligible patients and days in the complicated Medicaid eligibility re-verification process.  PFC consistently finds between 5 and 10 percent more DSH reimbursement compared to hospitals’ initial logs.  Whether we prepare a prospective DSH log or perform a retrospective DSH review, you will experience an improvement in service, accuracy and support.

Our emphasis is on thoroughness and accuracy.  We screen all patient data for the best eligibility identifiers, match newborns and mothers, analyze changes in Medicaid eligibility status and completely screen for Medicare Part A status.  Furthermore, we compare all patients’ Medicaid status per the hospital against the returned eligibility results to determine if any false negative indicators occurred in the State matching process.  Our audit track record is impeccable, the results speak for themselves.

PFC solutions are particular to your State and our tools are always up-to-date with Federal and State entitlement programs.  We offer outsourced logging services for the FILED Cost Report and the Medicare Audit.  In addition, we license our DSH Detective™ software to those hospitals who wish to keep their Medicare DSH processing in-house.

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