Medicare Crossover Bad Debt

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PFC developed a proprietary process, Medi², to produce the most accurate crossover bad debt logs in the industry. Medi² logs can be used for cost report filings, audits, appeals or cost report reopening requests.

Logging requirements for Medicare reimbursement for unpaid crossover deductibles and coinsurance are laborious and cumbersome. Hospitals often have difficulty compiling error-free claims. If these issues are not corrected upfront, inaccurate log entries will be produced, resulting in sampling errors and extrapolated adjustments.

Effective for hospital cost reporting years starting on or after 10-1-2019, Medicare (CMS, MAC) requires that bad debts for unpaid deductibles and coinsurance be written off to a bad debt expense account rather than a contractual account.  Further, we believe the intent of this clarification is for each individual unpaid deductible and coinsurance patient account is to be treated in this manner, regardless of the service date as long as it was written off in the subject effective period.

The Medi² crossover bad debt logging service provides the following:

  • Removes duplicate claims
  • Accounts for claim reversals (take backs)
  • Matches partial or multiple Medicaid payments to the corresponding Medicare claim
  • Meets CMS reporting requirements
  • Supports the fiscal intermediary audit

PFC professionals have over 22 years of experience with crossover bad debt logging.

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