Reimbursement Services

For our organization, quality, results oriented work is a requirement. This is one reason why we continue to rely on the Price Fass & Co., LLC team year after year. We have never had such a long standing relationship with any other reimbursement consulting firm.”

James Uli, CFO,
Loma Linda University Medical Center of Murietta

Consulting Solutions for Complex Issues
Price Fass & Co. provides comprehensive Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement advisory services.

Our high-level services include:

  • Reimbursement Department Management
  • Regulatory Impact Analysis
  • Reimbursement Planning and Strategy Development
  • Medicare Compliance Reviews

We specialize in many Medicare payment and compliance issues including:

  • Wage Index Reviews
  • Organ Acquisition Costs
  • Cost Report Pre and Post Filing Reviews
  • Direct and Indirect Graduate Medical Education
  • Realignment Analysis
  • Square Footage Studies
  • Cost Report Appeals Management and Resolution
  • Contractual Allowance Reviews and Cost Report Settlement Analyses

To find out more, contact Joseph Fass
(310) 874-0829

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