Uncompensated and Charity Care

Recently CMS modified cost report Work Sheet S-10 which captures the amount of Charity Care provided by hospitals as well as the uncompensated costs of some Federal, State and government programs.  The reported net Charity Care is used to determine a qualifying hospital’s HITECH incentive payments.

Starting in October 2013 Medicare Disproportionate Care Hospital (DSH) payments will largely be based on a hospital’s level of Charity and Uncompensated Care.  Although CMS has not yet determined that the current S-10 will be used in the modified DSH reimbursement computation we strongly suggest that hospitals take great care in developing processes to accurately represent these services.

PFC has developed a proprietary system that accumulates this information for a Provider’s cost reporting period.  Our system ensures that revenues and payments are reported in the correct category and prepares detailed patient lists that will pass all reviews and audits.

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